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Ryk Neethling

I installed 2 Aquaheat heaters at my swimming school and I am very happy with the results so far. As a professional swimmer reliable pool conditions is very important to me and I will use Aquaheat in all my future pool projects. Ryk Neethling 4 Time Olympian.


Graeme Smith

My busy schedule doesn't always allow me to use my swimming pool when the weather is great and the AQUAHEAT unit is ideal to make full use of my swimming pool. I can recommend the AQUAHEAT pool heat pump as it is an outstanding product and their service is impressive.


Victor Matfield

My family enjoys spending time outside in the swimming pool. Since I've installed an Aquaheat pool heat pump, I get much more value from my swimming pool. I would like to encourage anyone with children to get an Aquaheat pool heat pump because they will get more enjoyment from their swimming pools.


Jacques Kallis

Living with Cape Town's unpredictable weather doesn't make it easy to use my pool all year round. Swimming is an important part of my fitness regime. When I got my Aquaheat unit I could not believe what a difference it made, now I can swim every day to keep fit. The guys at Aquaheat are professional and friendly and give great service. I have told all my friends to get one.


Mark Boucher

Ever since I got my Aquaheat unit, I have been using my pool nearly everyday. After a 15km run up Boyes Drive, jumping in my pool is a pleasure now. The unit comes with clear instructions and the service the Aquaheat crew gives is excellent. If you want get maximum usage out of your pool I recommend that you get one of these units.

pic-pic-corne copy.jpg

Corne Krige

I recently had an Aquaheat unit installed at my house and I cant believe the difference. I always felt that my pool was a waste of money as we only used it for three months of the year. Now we can use it all year round and my children spend most of the day in the pool. This has given them enormous confidence in the water and we can now for the first time really appreciate the value of having a pool


Percy Montgomery

Living next to the beach may sound all glamorous, but the weather can sometimes play havoc with your pool. Since I installed the Aquaheat unit I can not only swim no matter what the weather brings me, but I am now getting full use of my pool all year round. Keeping fit is a big part of my life so to be able to swim a few lengths each day in rain or shine has been a huge help in maintaining my lifestyle. I would recommend the Aquaheat unit to anyone who wants to get full use out of their pool and who wants to deal with a professional and extremely capable team. Thanks Jacoos.


AB de Villiers

Because of our hectic schedule, we cricketers are basically never at home during summer time. We all know it's pretty tough getting into your pool in the middle of a freezing winter!! Thanks to Aqua Heat, I've spent lots of hours in my pool this winter. I can now keep fit and do all the necessary stretches I need to do in my pool in the middle of the winter (our off season). I never have to worry about the temperature of my pool again!!

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Taryn Russ

As a teacher and business owner that runs a large swimming school, I need a heat pump that consistently delivers my required 33 degrees throughout the winter months. Since I changed over to the Aquaheat heat pump, I could not be happier. The machine is reliable, effective, quiet and cost effective. The Aqua Heat team has been professional, and their service has been remarkable. Changing over to Aqua Heat has changed my attitude towards heat pumps and customer service! Thank you!


Johannes Oberholster

Well, I always thought that it is impossible to have a heated pool that really works for the best part of the year until I installed the Aquaheat unit. The unit really works, it is cost effective, easy to operate and the advise on installation was excellent and always available. I can recommend the system without hesitation.


Michele Mcginty

I highly recommend the Aquaheat pool heater. As a swimming teacher is it very important to be able to maintain the water temperature at 32°C degrees all year round. The Aquaheat system has proven to be very reliable, it's easy to use and cost effective. The added bonus is that the after sales service from Aquaheat is terrific!

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